<plb_layout val_1="Roxquake" val_2="" val_3="N/A" val_4="Roxquake is a Rock/Fighting type with no known evolutionary relatives. It is <height> in height, and it weighs <weight>. It has the ability <ability>. In the Dawn Pokédex, it is number #<Pokédex no.> and it is classified as the <species> Pokémon." val_5="" val_6="Roxquake is Kangaroo-like in appearance. It has brown fur, with a yellow underbelly. It wears gloves made from dark blue rocks, and a similar texture is present on its feet, on a ring around its tail, and a patch on the back of its neck. There are two metallic rings on both of Roxquakes wrists. It has a jagged plate on both of its eyes, which are also metallic in appearance, and have a large hole in them, through which Roxquakes turquoise eyes can be seen." val_7="None" val_8="" val_9="" val_10="File:Roxquake_-_Front.png | Roxquake - Front Sprite" val_11="File:Roxquake_-_Back.png | Roxquake - Back Sprite" val_12="" val_13="" val_14="" val_15="" val_16="" val_17="" val_18="" val_20="" val_21="Roxquake is based on a kangaroo and a boxer. It was designed by Bruiser." val_22="Roxquakes name is a combination of quake, and a corruption of the word rocks." val_cswikitext="" layout_id="2037" cswikitext=""></plb_layout>

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