<plb_layout val_1="Kaminarak" val_2="" val_3="<N/A>" val_4="Kaminarak is an Electric-type. It is not known to evolve into, or from, any Pokémon. It is 5'11" in height, it weighs 195.8lbs, and has the abilities Arena Trap or Hyper Cutter. In the Dawn Pokédex, its number is #086, and it is classified as the 'Scorpio' Pokémon." val_5="02-Dragon Claw 06-Toxic 08-Bulk Up 10-Hidden Power 12-Taunt 15-Hyper Beam 16-Light Screen 17-Protect 18-Rain Dance 20-Safeguard 21-Frustration 23-Iron Tail 24-Thunderbolt 25-Thunder 27-Return 28-Dig 30-Shadow Ball 31-Brick Break 32-Double Team 33-Reflect 34-Shock Wave 40-Aerial Ace 41-Torment 42-Façade 43-Secret Power 44-Rest 45-Attract 46-Thief HM01-Cut HM04-Strength HM05-Flash HM06-Rock Smash" val_6="<N/A>" val_7="<N/A>" val_8="Kaminarak are known for their violent battling tactics. They clutch their victims with razor sharp pincers and jab them with their tails, which have several thousand volts of electricity running through them." val_9="" val_10="" val_11="" val_12="85" val_13="125" val_14="55" val_15="100" val_16="70" val_17="95" val_18="- Thundershock - Screech - Glare lv7- Pin Missile lv13- Charge lv18- Crush Claw lv25- Spark lv31- Double Team lv36- Dig lv42- Crunch lv47- Mind Reader lv53- Thunderpunch lv58- Swords Dance lv64- Zap Cannon" val_20="" val_21="<N/A>" val_22="<N/A>" layout_id="2037" cswikitext=""></plb_layout>

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