<plb_layout val_1="Judough" val_2="File:Judough.png | " val_3="<N/A>" val_4="Judough is a fighting-type. It evolves into Muffian at level <level>, and then again into Chocelite at level <Level>. It is <height> in height, it weighs <weight>, and has the ability <ability>. In the Dawn Pokédex, its number is #030, and it is classified as the <Classification> Pokémon." val_5="" val_6="Judoughs main body looks like a cookie, and is the same beige colour as its arms. It also has, what appears to be, chocolate chip pieces protruding out at random points. Its arms end in two brown boxing gloves, with tin foil-looking sheets sticking out of the end. It also has a red headband, tied up at the back of its "head"." val_7="<N/A>" val_8="" val_9="" val_10="" val_11="" val_12="" val_13="" val_14="" val_15="" val_16="" val_17="" val_18="" val_20="- Judough used to have a very different, non-cookie appearance. It was changed to be more interesting. Its original name was Pummelump." val_21="Judough is based on a chocolate chip cookie. Its typing is an allusion to the term "food fight". It was adapted from Meta Knights design by Fiery Hedgehog." val_22="Judoughs name is a portmanteau of Judo and dough." layout_id="2037" cswikitext=""></plb_layout>

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