<plb_layout val_1="Jestmur" val_2="" val_3="N/A" val_4="Jestmur is a grass type, and the evolved form of the grass starter, Leafmur. It evolves from Leafmur at <level>, and evolves into Jestropic at <level>. It is <height> in height, and it weighs <weight>. As it is part of the grass starter family, its ability is Overgrow. In the Dawn Pokédex it is number #002, and is classified as the <species> Pokémon." val_5="" val_6="Jestmur, much like its pre-evolution, resembles a lemur sat on its hind legs. It retains its green underbelly, as well as its bright yellow skin tone. The "hat" now has three, darker green, blades of grass protruding from the top, which droop slightly, and appear to have dew drops hanging from the tips. This highly resembles a jester's hat. Its tail now has two tones of green, in a stripe pattern, and at the end of the tail, there are four leaves and a vibrant pink flower bud. Its green collar now has blue beads surrounding it. There are also two blue beads on Jestmur's knees." val_7="None" val_8="" val_9="Evolve Leafmur" val_10="File:Jestmur_-_Front.png | Jestmur - Front" val_11="File:Jestmur_-_Back.png | Jestmur - Back Sprite" val_12="" val_13="" val_14="" val_15="" val_16="" val_17="" val_18="" val_20="" val_21="Jestmur is based on a lemur, crossed with a jester. It was designed by Fiery Hedgehog, but is based on Teatoo's Leafmur design." val_22="Jestmur's name is a combination of jester, and lemur." layout_id="2037" cswikitext=""></plb_layout>

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