<plb_layout val_1="Dramateak" val_2="" val_3="<N/A>" val_4="Dramateak is a normal/flying-type. It evolves into Chipheatre at <level>. It is <height> in height, weighs <weight>, and it has the ability <ability>. In the Dawn Pokédex, its number is #012, and it is classified as the <Classification> Pokémon." val_5="" val_6="Dramateak is a primarily brown bird with a blue face. Its body is relatively egg-shaped. It's head, tail and wing feathers all stick out and look quite spiky. Its beak is a yellow in colour, and needle-like. There are faint stains underneath its constantly closed eyes, representing tears." val_7="<N/A>" val_8="" val_9="" val_10="File:Dramateak_V.2_Front_Sprite.png | " val_11="" val_12="" val_13="" val_14="" val_15="" val_16="" val_17="" val_18="S: tackle S: growl lv.6: peck lv.9: fake tears lv. 13: wing attack lv. 17: faint attack lv. 21: endeavour lv. 25: drill peck lv. 29: facade lv. 33: memento lv. 37: sky attack " val_20="- Dramateak and Chipheatre's designs were originally very different. It was primarily greyish blue in colour, with a brown chest. -- They were also originally Dark/Flying-type as opposed to Normal/Flying-type. It swapped types with the Huntflock family, which were originally Normal/Flying-type and became Dark/Flying-type. - The shape of its body is similar to an Angry Bird." val_21="Dramateak is based on a woodpecker as well as the theatrical arts. It was designed by DZA." val_22="Dramateak is a play on the word Dramatic, with either the word beak, or teak, which is a type of wood." layout_id="2037" cswikitext=""></plb_layout>

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