<plb_layout val_1="Deraco" val_2="" val_3="<Special Abilities>" val_4="Deraco is a fire-type, and is the fire starter of Pokémon Dawn. It evolves from Cretash at <level>, and into Styraking at <level>. It is <height> in height, and it weighs <weight>. As with all fire starters, it has the ability Blaze. In the Dawn Pokédex, its number is #005, and it is classified as the <Classification> Pokémon. " val_5="<N/A>" val_6="Deraco is an average-sized, dinosaur-looking Pokémon. Its body is orange in colour, and its "armour" covering its head, back and kneecaps are crimson. Its scaly underbelly and pads on its feet are yellow. The crimson sphere at the end of its tail contains a flammable fluid. Using this it can shoot focused firepower out of the white spike at the tip, as if it were a flamethrower. The crater on its back and head are constantly aflame." val_7="None" val_8="" val_9="Starter" val_10="" val_11="" val_12="" val_13="" val_14="" val_15="" val_16="" val_17="" val_18="<N/A>" val_20="<N/A>" val_21="Deraco is based on a styracosaurus, combined with a volcanic crater. It was designed by Fiery Hedgehog." val_22="Deracos name is a combination of caldera and styracosaurus." layout_id="2037" cswikitext=""></plb_layout>

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